Monday, February 20, 2012

I'd fight you again if I thought you had a chance!!

Figured I'd make my next post with sketches then! I've recently been obsessed with Street Fighter and I never even played it and have favoured a few characters as well, mainly Chun-Li, Ibuki, Sakura, Bison and I like Cammy too. Whenever I get these kind of obsessions I always find myself motivated/inspired to draw and that's probably when I'm most productive.

First sketch of Chun-Li, thought it worked out pretty well so far but I struggled with the face a lot and I'm still not 100% happy with it, but since it's just a sketch still I'll probably be tweaking a lot of it. Yea so most of the time I get this far with drawing and then start another one because I feel like I have already improved a bit and can do better on the next one. Sooo I made a second one which is the following one:

Imo it already looks heaps better (still like the first one though and will definitely finish it) and I was especially happy with the perspective and how her arm turned out. I'm gonna enjoy colouring her cause I absolutely love the design and the colours are vibrant etc. Still need to figure out what to do with the lower part of her dress though but okay. She's very anatomical which also is a good practice so you guys are gonna see her a lot more haha (I hope at least).


clean start

Hi there. So, I was thinking about joining this for a while now but never really got to it. I've grown a little tired of DeviantArt, it has changed a lot over the years that I've been there and I kind of lost interest, hence I'm starting something new here, which is easily accessible and very personal too. And since my friend has one too, I figured it would be nice to be able to follow her too.

Still figuring out this customization thing loll but I'll manage. I think I'll be mainly posting sketches/drafts, WIPs, other work, maybe some previous stuff too, and even some photos sometimes, just a place where I can dump freely whatever I want haha.

So far I think I'll leave it at this for now. Here is my DeviantArt which I will be visiting regularly still, but probably won't be uploading a lot.

See you guys and thanks for visiting etc!